13-19 July 2014

Critical Subjects Summer School

mantownhuman's residential architecture school

Critical Subjects is a unique opportunity for 30+ of the keenest students of architecture to engage in a series of intellectual architectural challenges facilitated by leading names in the field, to network with key architects, to engage in meaningful debate and to challenge their preconceptions.


This is a fantastic opportunity to study in the offices of: Zaha Hadid Architects, Arup Associates, AHMM, Orms and Amin Taha


163 applicants, from all over the world have applied: from Malta, Brazil, China, USA, New Zealand, Armenia, UK, Ireland, Lebanon, Holland, Canada, Israel, Portugal, Poland, Serbia, Czech Repubic, Georgia, Turkey, Australia, Iran, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Denmark. India 32 have been chosen.


mantownhuman was founded to initiate a debate over the future of architecture and to build a new educational tradition.


Students will attend workshops, debates, design charrettes, construction challeges and exhibitions.


You will spend one day in each of the following offices: Zaha Hadid Architects, Arup Associates, AHMM, The Architectural Review, Orms, Amin Taha Architect, and The Building Centre.


Meet the summer school’s speakers and advisory panel from Patrik Schumacher to Robert Adam, from Will Alsop to Farshid Moussavi...

Applications are over

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